Since day one, Electronic Game Developers Society has been totally committed to providing you with endless opportunities to explore the amazing world of electronic game development. At the same time, we always want to be the ideal place for every aspirant game developer to realize their dreams and develop the next killer game development technology. To make it possible, we bring together the professional game developers at different social events so that they can share their game development process with every Electronic Game Developers Society member.

The Electronic Game Developers Society (EGaDS) is a sister organization of the University of Texas at Austin, TX. We are completely dedicated to computer and video game development. Today, we are one of the world’s leading nonprofit membership organizations totally committed to serving all the aspirant game developers. We always create our own opportunities to advance in the art and science of game development.

No matter whether you are a student with a career goal to become an electronic game developer or a seasoned veteran, we welcome you to the world of the Electronic Game Developers Society. We have maintained an excellent global network of collaborative communities along with individuals from every field of electronic game development. This includes producers, programmers, designers, writers, business people, QA team members, localization experts, and everyone else who actively participates in the game development process. So we have an unmatched level of experience in creating a game development platform to help our beloved game developer community to build their own electronic games.

At the same time, we host different workshops to educate every society member about the latest tools and trending topics in the electronic game development industry. In addition, we are happy to organize different game jams to provide every member with the opportunity to develop their own game.

It is our mission at Electronic Game Developers Society to support and empower every game developer with the necessary skills and confidence to build their own electronic games. At the same time, we are focused on educating you about the latest technologies and trending topics in the electronic game development industry. We are quite confident that together, we will make your dream true of becoming a successful electronic game developer.

Our mission is constantly overseen by the Electronic Game Developers Society’s Board of Directors. It consists of both elected and appointed Electronic Game Developers Society members responsible for executing the vision and directives of our Electronic Game Developers Society.

Our vision is to become the leading game Developers Society in Austin and support every society member, especially those who are about to make their first step into the gaming industry. At the same time, we seek out ways to hone our skills, increase our knowledge, and network with fellow members and industry professionals.

If you have any queries about the Electronic Game Developers Society and its work, don’t hesitate to join the EGaDSI meets at 8.00 pm every Thursday in the University Teaching Center (UTC).  Please check our calendar for an up-to-date meeting schedule.