Electronic Game Developers Society, the perfect place for every game development lover. If you seriously love playing video games and are really curious to know about the development process, then you have come to the right place. At Electronic Game Developers Society, we have an excellent group of interdisciplinary game lovers. They are always happy to provide you with a peek behind the curtain as to how electronic games are created. At the same time, they provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to build your own electronic game.  

The Electronic Game Developers Society, also known as EGaDS, is a student organization of the University of Texas at Austin, TX, completely dedicated to computer and video game development. We are currently one of the world’s largest nonprofit membership organizations serving all individuals who are aspirants to become game developers. We are totally committed to advancing their careers and enhancing the lives of game developers. To make it possible, we connect every member with their peers and advocate for the interest of every game developer worldwide.

Offering Individual Membership for Every Aspirant Game Developer

At Electronic Game Developers Society, we are happy to offer a range of membership tiers that are perfectly matched your current circumstances. Besides that, we feel proud to offer special rates for every aspirant game developer from the emerging game development market. Currently, we  offer four types of membership tiers, including:

  • 1 Year Individual Membership
  • 2 Year Individual Membership
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Student and Emerging Market Membership

All of these membership tiers are proven extremely beneficial to provide you with the recognition as a game developer. However, if you are ready to invest at one time, obtaining the Lifetime Membership is the best bet for you.  

Our Activities

Electronic Game Developers Society is totally committed to helping our beloved game developer community by offering lots of opportunities and organizing different events. This includes:

Weekly Meetings 

Joining our weekly meeting is the perfect way to learn from the various gaming professionals about their development processes. At the same time, they provide expert advice, especially for those who are looking to make their first step into the gaming industry. Besides that, all members are exposed to various trending topics regarding the electronic game development industry.  So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn every diverse aspect of the game development world by joining our weekly meetings.


Electronic Game Developers Society is happy to organize different workshops led by our officers to provide hands-on experience in vital game development tools. All of our workshops are specially designed for beginners in mind. We are quite confident that after attending our workshops, members will walk away with the confidence to start their own game development process.

Game Jams 

Throughout the year, Electronic Game Developers Society organizes different game jams to provide every member with the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow peers to design a game. This is really a fun opportunity to test your game development skills as well as to gain experience.

Social Events 

At Electronic Game Developers Society, we know the importance of attending social events to meet fellow electronic game developers. That is why we host various social events to learn from the industry professionals like artists, designers, and programmers. At the same time, you will get a chance to learn about various electronic game development companies around Austin and the gaming culture here.

For more information about our membership packages and our activities, don’t hesitate to contact Electronic Game Developers Society as early as possible.